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🫒 Spend $75 and get a free White-Butter Infused Olive Oil 🇮🇹

Garlic and Chili Pepper Pesto Sauce by Polli - 6.7 oz

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Italian creativity in the kitchen boasts Ligurian pesto among its most renowned achievements.

This condiment has evolved into numerous variations in taste, including the innovative pesto with garlic and chili peppers.

It is appropriate to call it pesto since, as tradition wants, the ingredients are pounded in a mortar.

Though the main ingredients are tomato, garlic, red peppers, and chili pepper, the recipe also includes basil, typical in the north.

Along with tomatoe, courgette and aubergine, pepper is the most popular Italian vegetable, especially in summer. The key regions for pepper cultivation are found in Puglia and Campania, specifically in Salerno (with Agro Nocerino Sarnese, Piana di Battipaglia) and Caserta, Calabria and Basilicata regions.

Fresh, dried, smoked, cooked, or raw, chili peppers are widely used as a base for regional dishes in Italy, especially in Calabria and, in general, throughout the southern peninsular.

Chili pepper cultivation is also widespread in the Sicilian territories that are located on the slopes of the Etna volcano.