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Sogno Toscano translates to “Tuscan Dream”.

Tracing our company’s roots back to where it all started, Pietro Brembilla & Brian Persico became best friends at seven years old and grew up in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Italy. The little town of Bolgheri to be precise. Pietro had just relocated from northern Italy and Brian from Ireland where he spent a year with his maternal parents. They had an immediate bond as they were a bit “different” than the other kids and that bond turned out to be forever friendship. They later moved to NYC in 2006.

Pietro’s family owned a beautiful estate in Bolgheri Tuscany, they imported the top-quality olive oil and went restaurant to restaurant trying to sell it. Thanks to labeling themselves bottle by bottle with the restaurant’s logo in their one-bedroom apartment, they could offer no minimums for orders, separating themselves from the competition and making it inviting for restaurants to give them a shot. It was a SUCCESS.

Pietro’s father later invested in the two young kids as the great visionary business man that he is, and now Sogno Toscano - Tuscan Dream has 10 distribution centers around the US. We supply America’s best chefs, deliver to households all over the country, and own lifestyle cafés and showrooms to share the best that Italy has to offer to the American market. Pietro & Brian are still best friends and closer than ever as they evolve in their professional and personal lives.

“If you wonder why we called the company Sogno Toscano, well, let me tell you about this crazy dream we had in 2006 then you tell me if there can be a more appropriate name”.

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Sogno Toscano Founders
Sogno Toscano Philosophy
Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

At times, it is a double-edged sword to be the only company in our industry applying the model of a single brand food distributor when working with numerous partners, while maintaining our high standards from inception to delivery, client to client. We supply America’s best chefs, as well as deliver to people’s doors all over the US.

On one hand, we can boast about the superior quality and dedication to research and development on all levels of our company, and on the other, we cannot provide our clients with excuses as to where there could potentially be defects or inconsistencies in our products. We are our own manufacturers.

This involves extreme attention and a lot of “behind the scenes” work from the quality control team at Sogno Toscano.

For each Sogno Toscano product, we perform rigorous laboratory testing, sampling, and tasting by award winning chefs for feedback.

Most of our products are GMO-free and our suppliers are certified to distribute by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

We pay special attention, care, and precision to each shipment through a system of checks. Lastly, we are all about Service. We will always say yes to our clients, and that is the bigger key to our success and continued support.

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