The Garden Package




Italian Garlic Infused, Basil Infused and Lemon Infused olive oil and Crema Balsamic Glaze.

If you’re not sure what olive oil package to start with, our Garden Package is a great introductory pack. It comes with four Italian kitchen staples that will transform your dishes into authentic masterpieces.

Start an evening off with our Lemon Infused Olive Oil as the perfect complement to a loaf of fresh-baked bread. You can continue the theme by drizzling the oil over your favorite seafood dish, roasted vegetables, or salad. With such a versatile oil, it’s nearly impossible to find a clashing dish.

Next, our Garlic Infused Olive Oil provides a full and rich garlic flavor to dishes like potatoes, steamed veggies, red meat, and bread. Try it in any dish that calls for garlic and butter for a healthier and more flavorful taste. 

Basil is intoxicatingly aromatic. Its taste is sweet and savory while its aroma fills a kitchen with familiar scents like pepper and mint. It’s the perfect addition to our Garden Pack. A drizzle over your favorite dish will transport you to the herb garden of your dreams.

Finally, our Garden Pack is rounded out by our Crema Balsamic Glaze, one of our most versatile products. Whether you choose to use it on chicken, red meat, fish or produce, you’ll feel as if your dish was sourced directly from an Italian market.

Cooking Italian food should warm the heart and soul. Our Garden Pack helps chefs of all levels breathe new life into traditional dishes.


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