7pc Bellezza Set




Natural Italian Bellezza Anti Age Face Cream, Bellezza Anti Age Serum, Bellezza Body Lotion, Bellezza Delicate Face Soap, Bellezza Hand Cream, Bellezza Shampoo, and Bellezza Conditioner Hair Products

Nature does it best. Stop fighting back against aging skin and unmanageable hair with harsh and synthetic ingredients. Instead, start caring for your skin and hair the Italian way. Our 7-piece Bellezza Set has everything you need to bring out your natural beauty.

Our Anti-Age Face Cream is enriched with olive oil and made in Italy. Use it morning and night for a noticeably smooth and more youthful appearance. Blast away wrinkles and other signs of aging with our Anti-Age Serum that targets and reverses problem areas for flawless skin.

Next, follow up with what could be our most popular product. Our Body Lotion is enriched with olive oil and smells simply beautiful. It leaves skin feeling silky and luxurious, never greasy. Our Hand Cream provides similar results with a light scent and lasting hydration.

When your day is over, use our Delicate Face Soap to wash away makeup and impurities. Then follow up with haircare by using Bellezza Shampoo and Conditioner. Both are enriched with olive oil and leave hair feeling cleaner, silkier, and lighter.

Creating a beauty routine with the products in our 7-Piece Bellezza Set does more than just improve your appearance. By using natural ingredients, like olive oil, your improved hair and skin will build confidence and self-assurance that benefits every aspect of your life.


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