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🫒 Spend $75 and get a free White-Butter Infused Olive Oil 🇮🇹
🫒 Spend $75 and get a free White-Butter Infused Olive Oil 🇮🇹

Almond cookies with dark chocolate- Cantuccini Ghiottini

7.05 oz / 200 g
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It was 1953 when Enzo Salaorni invented Ghiottini, his almond cantuccini. He had just opened a brand-new patisserie laboratory in the heart of Florence, when he asked his wife to taste them.She must have liked them, as they haven’t stopped making them since then!

Ghiottini are made with simple, fresh, quality ingredients, such as fresh milk, barn eggs, honey, butter, only natural aromas, and 100% Italian whole, selected almonds. In our Ghiottini, you will not find any other kind of fats, nor colourings or preservatives.

With a classical structure and an excellent sweet taste. Drops of dark chocolate add special refinement to wonderful taste. True pleasure for chocolate lovers!