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🇮🇹 Buy One, Get One at 50% on 200+ products 🍝

Over 25 year aged "Stravecchio" Balsamic Vinegar

100 ml / 3.4 oz
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Presented in a 100 ml glass bottle, our traditional method IGP balsamic vinegar DI Modena has been aged for 25 years.

The age-old tradition used in Modena to transform the grapes into this syrupy texture results in this full-bodied yet sweet flavor.

The superior quality puts this balsamic vinegar at the top of its category and the long aging process produces an exceptional flavor and aroma to be appreciated on special occasions.

Drizzle it on your salads, enjoy it as an accompaniment to a steak or have it with various cheeses and fruits. You can even enjoy it with desserts.