Glazed Salmon Fillet

1 tablespoon Sogno Toscano garlic olive oil.
1 tablespoon Sogno Toscano basil olive oil.
1 tablespoon Sogno Toscano fennel olive oil.
¼ teaspoon Sogno Toscano spicy pepper olive oil.
1 teaspoon Sogno Toscano balsamic glaze.
1 teaspoon Sogno Toscano extra-virgin olive oil
1 pound Wild caught fresh salmon.
2 cups Fresh spinach.
¼ cup Medium onion sliced in 1/4 inch rings

1. Place Salmon on aluminum foil covered pan and brush half of oil mixture on Salmon.
2. Brush balsamic glaze and 7 and place 6 inches under boiler to cook 10 to 12 min.
3. prepare and plate fresh spinach with extra-virgin olive oil.
4. Lightly sauté (3 min.) onion rings in remaining olive oil mixture.
5. Remove skin in place salmon on a bed of spinach.
6. Cover with onions and lightly sprinkle balsamic glaze to finish.

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