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🇮🇹 10% off first purchase🍝
  • Artichokes and Candied Oranges Aperitivo by Polli Antipasto & Bites SOGNOTOSCANO

    Artichokes and Candied Oranges Aperitivo by Polli


    IMPORTED FROM ITALY A Luxury appetiser , for pleasure-seeking foodies. This refined and flavored product compliments well with sliced meats and sof...

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Delicious, authentic, and appetizing Antipasto.

Our true Italian Antipasti treats your taste buds to a feast of complementary textures and flavors. Stay true to your heritage, or start your Italian date night right with our selection of delicious appetizers like Grilled Artichoke Quarters, Pitted Olives, Sun-dried Tomatoes In Oil, and Stuffed Chilli Peppers. Or complement your sandwiches and pasta with Olive Spread, Bruschetta Spread, and Grilled Eggplants.


As the traditional appetizer of an Italian meal, Antipasto from Sogno Tuscano brings you the authentic Italian experience at home.