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Sardinian Fregola with clams

Sardinian Fregola with clams

Sardinian Fregola with clams

Chef: Difficulty: Easy

Time: 30 min of preparation, 20 min of cooking

Type of Cooking: Boiling

Doses For: 4 people


Ingredients for Sardinian Fregola with clams


  1. Wash the clams well under running water then leave them to soak for a few hours in abundant slightly lukewarm lightly salted water.
  2. Drain them, pour them into a large saucepan, cover and keep them on high heat for a few minutes until they are open.
  3. Pull them up with the skimmer and discard those that are closed. Shell them leaving some of them with the shell for decoration.
  4. Dip the tomatoes for a few seconds in boiling water, pass them under cold water then peel them, remove the seeds and chop them.
  5. Prepare a very fine mince with the cloves of garlic and a handful of parsley and let it dry gently for two minutes in a saucepan with the oil.
  6. Add the tomatoes, stir and after a minute add 3 glasses of water and the filtered clams liquid.
  7. Boil for a few minutes then pour the fregola, mix, season with salt (a little) and pepper and cook for a quarter of an hour, adding the clams in the last minute.
  8. The result should be a semi-dense soup similar to a very wave risotto. Serve lukewarm.

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