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Light Bavarian peach

Light Bavarian peach

Light Bavarian peach

  • Difficulty:  Medium/High
  • Time: 30 min of preparation + 8 hours of cooling, 0 min of cooking
  • Type of Cooking: Assembling
  • Doses for: 8 people

    Ingredients for Light Bavarian peach

    • 400 g (weight net from waste) of very ripe and fragrant peach pulp
    • 250 g of fresh liquid cream
    • 160 g of sugar
    • 10 g of gelatine sheets
    • 1 glass of peach liqueur (or other fruit liqueur)
    For the sauce:
    • 120 g of raspberries
    • 1 heaped spoonful of sugar
    • 1-2 tablespoons of Cordial Campari (or other fruit liqueur)


    1. Put the gelatine in cold water.
    2. Chop the peaches and blend them together with the liqueur and sugar until you have a completely fluid mixture.
    3. Whip the cream until stiff.
    4. Drain the jelly, squeeze it and put it in a saucepan with two or three spoons of the peach smoothie.
    5. Put it on the very weak fire and let it melt by stirring constantly then restart the mixer and, while turning, pour it in so that it blends perfectly with the rest.
    6. Transfer the smoothie into a bowl and add the whipped cream, mixing it gently in a circular movement from top to bottom.
    7. The Bavarian is ready: pour it into a mold (or eight molds) and keep it in the fridge, well covered, for at least 8 hours.
    8. For the sauce, quickly wash the raspberries with ice water and spread them on a double sheet of kitchen paper.
    9. Pass them through a sieve and blend them with sugar and liqueur.
    10. Taste and adjust sugar and liqueur according to taste keeping in mind that a slightly acidic sauce contrasts nicely with the soft taste of the dessert.
    11. When serving the Bavarian cream, turn it over onto a serving dish, drain a couple of tablespoons of raspberry sauce and pour the rest into a sauce boat.

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